Tuesday, November 5, 2019

A Brand-New Look for

As part of our commitment to being the leader in our industry, we’ve spent the last several months creating a new website design that better aligns with our core value: to enrich lives by delivering Earth’s most essential resource—water—to where it’s needed most. This translates into a greatly improved educational and e-commerce experience to assist you, our valued customers, in making the best purchasing decisions on your watering needs.

For starters, we’re presenting our entire product catalog online for the very first time. That’s more than 50 hoses and watering accessories! We’re also offering exclusive “how-to” articles and more in-depth information to assist you with your watering needs. Simply click the new Inside SWAN tab at the top of the site’s pages. Here, you’ll find an Articles link leading to our monthly posts on a wide range of topics such as a buying guide for garden hoses and how to install a soaker hose.

You’ll also find that our products are now organized into six categories—Professional, Residential, Rubber, Soaker/Sprinkler, RV Marine and Accessories—to better match market needs, whether you’re a hardworking farmer or contractor, proud homeowner, passionate gardener or RV/boat enthusiast. Simply click the new SHOP tab at the top of the site’s pages to find them.

Each of these product categories is then broken down into several subcategories to help you target your search efforts further and easily find what you need. For instance, are you looking for the best garden hose to water your lawn? Check out Residential and then Gardening/Lawncare. How about a rubber water hose that’s rated for hot water? You’ll find those in the Hot Water Rubber subcategory under Rubber Hose, and so on.

We’ve also added a new Sale category, so check here for great deals on clearance items. And of course, if you’d rather search by our great brands, simply click their corresponding tabs across the very top of the site’s pages: Swan, Element and Goodyear.

You’ll also notice that we’ve complemented our products with all-inclusive descriptions. These give you the nitty-gritty on every product detail, along with a bulleted list of special features. In addition, we’re now featuring beautiful lifestyle photography of each hose and water accessory, so you can see them at work in real-life situations. We’re proud of what we create and want you to see the knowledge, experience and creativity that flow through each product so you’re 100 percent satisfied with your purchase.

As an added bonus, for those of our products that come in different lengths or sizes (such as hoses and clamps), we’ve now created one main product page with an easy-to-use drop-down menu featuring each choice. Now you simply have to scroll through the menu, find the size or length you need and click. Then add to cart and you’re done! Our new website is also optimized for smart phones, tablets and desktop computers to offer the highest level of convenience no matter how you shop.

We’re also introducing this blog, which offers information in a more conversational format on related topics such as gardening. We invite you to engage with us here and become part of our community. Let us know what watering topics you’re interested in discussing, what watering-related projects you’re working on, what you love about our hoses and watering accessories, as well as ways we can improve to serve you better.

So, take a look around and discover the new today. And be sure to check back soon. There’s more in store!